Green & Black’s is to go 100% Fairtrade, the organic chocolate maker and Cadbury subsidiary announced today.

Green & Black’s – whose Maya Gold chocolate bar, launched 15 years ago, was the UK’s first Fairtrade product – will gain the ethical accreditation for its entire portfolio by the end of the year.

“The move to Fairtrade certification is a key milestone in our relationship with the farmers that are so fundamental in the making of the best-tasting premium, organic and now Fairtrade chocolate you can buy,” said managing director Dominic Lowe.

The brand was bought for £20m in 2005 by Cadbury, whose own flagship Dairy Milk brand converted to Fairtrade last year.

The news comes after Cadbury’s board last week controversially accepted an improved takeover bid by Kraft, prompting concerns over the confectioner’s long-term commitment to the Fairtrade cause.

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