>> cadbury schweppes takeover heralds greater penetration for popular brand

Green & Black’s is making big plans following its takeover by Cadbury Schweppes in May, but is adamant that even though it now lies under the umbrella of the confectionery giant it will remain a speciality, niche player.
The company, which will continue to be run independently, is targeting sales of £30m for 2005, up from £22.4m last year. Key focuses for 2006 will include boosting its presence in gift chocolate and international expansion, particularly in the US and Eire, says marketing director Mark Palmer. “Within five years some of our international markets could be as big as the UK.”
Palmer questions whether Green & Black’s will become more mainstream after its acquisition. “We’ll certainly be taking the brand to more people, but we don’t intend to drop prices.”
However, he says the company will be working to raise its consumer profile in the top supermarkets and broaden its penetration in the convenience and impulse sector.
That said, he adds that Green & Black’s wants to maintain its commitment to organic products, certified by the Soil Association.
It will keep working on innovation, with a range of eight new products planned for Easter 2006, though Palmer remains tight-lipped about the details.
With a boosted marketing spend of £6m for 2006 and a fresh £2m national press advertising campaign just breaking, Green & Black’s is confident about the coming years.