The wine industry is coming under pressure to cut its use of green bottles and use more clear and amber glass. The British glass industry has launched a campaign to persuade the UK trade to reduce green bottle imports. There is only a limited demand for green recycled glass, and the excess is threatening the recycling chain. Over 50% collected in bottle banks is green, but only 15% of glass produced in the UK is green, most is clear. Executive secretary of the Wine and Spirit Association John Corbet-Milward said a number of retailers have researched the possibility of putting red wine in clear glass and Tesco has analysed consumer reaction to the change. "Retailers are reluctant to offer a product which consumers do not like the look of," said Corbet-Milward. And he said if more green glass ended up in landfill it would attract, thanks to the packaging waste regulations, a tax penalty. The WSA and British Glass will meet to discuss the matter in February. {{DRINKS }}