Green tea, best known as a healthy hot beverage, is making its debut in the laundry category thanks to a new powder detergent from Robert McBride.
The Aloe Vera & Green Tea offering comes under the company’s Clean ‘n’ Fresh brand, which is aimed at the convenience store sector.
Both major ingredients are known for their skincare properties, while the non-biological formulation is also designed to be gentle on skin. The company, which was voted best household and personal care supplier in The Grocer’s Own Label Supplier Survey (April 3, 2004, p47), has a
heritage in bringing big brand propositions to the budget market. The newcomer’s arrival follows the launch of Rapid Dry and Easy Iron fabric conditioners under the Clean ‘n’ Fresh brand in November 2003.
Rowena Howell, trade marketing manager, said Aloe Vera & Green Tea powder, which retails at £1.19 for a 1.15kg box, allowed consumers to obtain the latest products at a price “considerably cheaper than the major brand offerings in this area”.