Greenpeace is to draw up a second league table of how well the leading supermarkets support sustainable fishing policies in the late summer or early autumn.

The environmental pressure group says it is pleased with the reaction of retailers and suppliers to its sustainable seafood campaign, particularly with major steps taken by Asda and Morrisons following rooftop protests by Greenpeace supporters.

And it said that the development of sustainable policies by the British retail chain had gained its own momentum. Yet campaigner Oliver Knowles stressed that there was still a great deal to do to stop destructive fishing practices and the continuing exploitation of over-fished seas. Knowles said: "It is to the credit of the supermarkets that they have responded with new policies and strong delistings."

Seafish this week announced new measures to protect stocks of skate and ray in UK fisheries.

Andrew Charles, of the Skate and Ray Producers& ' Association, said of a workshop this week: "The merchants and retailers had been quite concerned by the impact of the recent Greenpeace campaign."