The company that produces Greenstar apples exclusively for Tesco says volumes of the variety grown in the UK for the retailer will double within five years.
Production this year will be 50,000 cartons, but Kent-based Adrian Scripps reckons by 2010 this figure will be more like 100,000. Richard Scripps, chairman of Adrian Scripps, said this year’s fruit would start to go into stores from December and would be available until June.
He added: “We’re very pleased with the quality. We left the fruit on the tree a little longer which has increased the brix value.” Scripps said his staff were pressure-testing the fruit at the moment and that readings were looking good. He added: “Consistency of shape and colour, plus its ability to store well, allows Greenstar to fill a gap between February and June between northern and southern hemisphere Granny seasons.”
Scripps said that his company was growing another exclusive variety for Tesco, called Kanzi. This is a highly coloured Braeburn/Gala cross which, like Greenstar, was developed by Belgian breeder Johan Nicolai. Scripps claimed the variety could eventually compete with Jazz.