Asda provided the cheapest basket this week, with the help of a whopping nine promotions.

It offered the cheapest Douwe Egberts coffee at £2, frozen pizza at £1 and Jacob's Creek Shiraz Rosé at £4. It made four hikes, including 30p on the Mr Kipling apple pies and 10p/kg on the bananas, as well as two cuts.

Despite offering the cheapest lamb chops at £3.98/500g, Morrisons stayed firmly in second place with a basket £2.38 more expensive than Asda's. Pricing activity was vigorous as it made five hikes and five small reductions, the most dramatic of which was a 10p cut on the croissants.

Tesco lagged behind in third with a basket that cost almost £4 more than Morrisons'. It began a half-price promotion on the Birds Eye omega-3 fish fingers and knocked a penny off both the apples and the pineapple.

Sainsbury's remained in fourth place and made no reductions, although its bananas were joint-cheapest at 57p/kg. It made five hikes, the most dramatic of which was on the Jacob's Creek Shiraz Rosé, which went up £1.76 because a promotion ended.

Waitrose's basket cost just £2.23 more than Sainsbury's this week, with the retailer making four hikes and two reductions.