Asda provided the cheapest basket this week at £38.66 £1.98 clear of second-placed Tesco. Five items in the basket were cheapest, including brie (45p), red onions (97p/kg) and Johnson's Baby Oil, which was on promotion at £1.

Despite having the most promotions (11), the most promotions involving a straight price decrease (5) and the most items that were cheapest (6), Tesco came second. Overall, it made five price reductions, saving the shopper £1.01 on this week's basket.

Morrisons remained third with the cheapest plain naan bread (50p) and white bread flour (59p) but the retailer added 59p to its Kettle Chips and 16p to its olive oil. Six items from Morrisons were on promotion.

No change for Sainsbury's in fourth place, but the retailer did offer three of the cheapest items including John Smith's at £4.09 and Wall's sausages at £1.58 (53p cheaper than last week). 

Waitrose provided the cheapest pitta bread (36p) but maintained its usual position, fifth, with a basket nearly £10 more expensive than Asda's. Despite a price reduction making it 13p cheaper than last week, Waitrose's naan bread was still the most expensive at £1.04, as were its chicken thighs at £4.01/kg just two of the 21 items that were most expensive.