Asda has pulled off the final G33 victory of the year with a distinctly unfestive array of goods, notably bargain frozen pizza, tea bags and battered cod fillets. It offered five promotions, more than any of the other retailers. Three lines Mr Muscle Bathroom Cleaner, Dove Triple Moisturising Body Wash and the frozen pizza were just £1 apiece. But it upped cucumber 20p after a promotion ended.

Tesco trailed in second with a basket that cost £1.12 more than Asda's. It was the only retailer to offer the Butchers Choice dogfood for under £2, however, and it also undercut its rivals on the Bulmers Cider at £1.24, fresh pasta sauce at £1 and new potatoes at £1.17/kg.

Sainsbury's Mr Muscle Bathroom Cleaner was down 46p thanks to a new promotion and it knocked 2p off Country Life. But at 65p its white rolls were the priciest.

Morrisons lagged behind in fourth, but still offered a basket for under £50. It made no hikes and its white rolls were at least 3p cheaper than its rivals'. It added 3p to the Green & Black's Organic Milk Chocolate and a penny to the soft scoop vanilla ice cream.

Waitrose's basket was over £15 more than Asda's. It offered the most expensive Bulmers Cider at £1.80 and pork chops at £5.98/kg.