Asda has pipped its rivals to the post thanks to its bargain Gillette Mach3 razor and eight promotions Its £60.32 basket included the Hovis Seeds Sensations loaf at £1, Douwe Egberts Smooth Roast Coffee at £2 and Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup at 74p.

The retailer also made two reductions, but countered these with two hikes, the most dramatic of which was on the macaroni cheese, which was up 80p after a round-pound deal ended.

Morrisons came in second with a basket costing £2.54 more. It was the only retailer to offer the naan bread at 50p. Its other bargains included the Australian wine at £3.40 and white granulated sugar, which was half price at 49p.

Sainsbury's emerged third with a razor that cost £1.73 more than Asda's. The retailer made three reductions and a whopping nine hikes. But it offered the cheapest honeydew melon at £1.50 and Birds Eye Chicken Dippers at £2.49.

Fourth-place Tesco's basket cost 54p more than Sainsbury's. It made four hikes and two small reductions, the largest a 3p cut on the Bird's Custard Powder.

Waitrose lagged behind with a £70.48 basket and was the most expensive for several items, including the Australian red wine, Stilton cheese and courgettes.