Asda clung on to the cheapest retailer title again this week, despite fierce competition from Morrisons, whose basket just 15p more.

Its £41.10 basket reflected reductions in the price of Hula Hoops and Peperami of 14p and 10p respectively. However, three promotions ended, resulting in hikes of 56p on Coke Zero, 24p on Hovis Square Cut White Bread and £1.35 on smoked salmon fillets. It also upped the price of bananas by 6p/kg – as did Morrisons, Tesco and Sainsbury's – and added 3p to the garlic baguette and the oranges.

Morrisons came second despite making no price cuts. In addition to the price increase on bananas, it increased Trebor Extra Strong Mints by 18p and the price of Wall’s Magnum Classic rose 82p as a promotion ended. Tesco remained third, having also made no price cuts. It added 61p to the price of smoked salmon fillets.

Sainsbury's, which came fourth, upped the price of Flash Spray with Bleach by 75p as a promotion ended. There were four reductions – Bulmers Original Cider was down 22p, garlic baguette and oranges down 3p apiece and spring onions down 14p.

Bringing up the rear, Waitrose was the only retailer not to up the price of its bananas. It reduced Trebor Extra Strong Mints by 37p.