Asda held on to first place, offering 11 promotions and eight of the cheapest items. It provided the cheapest king prawns (£1.67), fresh cream éclairs (£1.28), pears (£1) and pineapple juice, which at 44p was rolled back to less than half of last week's price.

Morrisons climbed two places this week with the cheapest gem lettuce (50p), green olives (68p), Wiltshire ham (£1.81) and Ski yoghurts (74p), all of which were on promotion. Morrisons made the most price reductions (5), but also made the biggest price increase, adding £1.92 to the Birds Eye fish fingers, which came off promotion.

Sainsbury's remained third, offering four of the cheapest items, which included the washing-up liquid (51p), Blossom Hill white zinfandel (£5) and the Kettle Chips, which were reduced by 69p the biggest reduction this week as it went on promotion.

Tesco slipped two places to fourth. It did offer the cheapest Melton Mowbray pork pies (74p) and as many promotions as Asda (11), but its apricot halves (59p), cucumber (84p) and orange (45p) were the most expensive.

Waitrose's orange was the cheapest (31p), but despite reducing the base price of the cauliflower by 18p it was still the most expensive on offer at £1. The retailer remains in fifth place.