Asda offered the only basket this week to come in under £50.

With nine of the cheapest items, including the grapes (£2.27), white cabbage (67p), whole chicken (£3.39) and Birds Eye garden peas (97p), its basket totalled just £49.

Tesco climbed two places since last week's blip but only offered two of the cheapest items croissants (87p) and mouthwash (49p). It did have the most promotions on (10), although 20p was added to the price of the Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewells as one promotion ended and another began.

Sainsbury's missed out on second place by only 3p but held on to third with the cheapest Quavers (£1.25) and Welch's juice (66p). Sainsbury's had eight promotions but only one offered a pure price reduction.

Morrisons fell two places to fourth this week and the only cheapest item from the retailer was the McCain Home Fries at £2. Morrisons did make the most reductions this week (4) but made two hikes, which included adding 12p to the Quavers, even though it stayed on the same promotion.

At Waitrose 10p was taken off the Cravendale milk, which is the biggest base price decrease this week; the garlic baguette (92p) and the tagliatelle (70p) were both the cheapest on offer, but Waitrose remained fifth with a £58.45 basket.