Asda held on to the top spot this week with a basket costing £2.40 less than its closest rival. Bargain brie at £4.75/kg, naan bread at 55p and sweet potatoes at £1.24/kg contributed to the win, as did seven round-pound deals, which included the beefburgers, Wall's Magnums and Branston pickle.

It was close but no cigar again for Tesco this week. It offered only one of the cheapest items, Lurpak Salted butter on a £1 promotion, but boasted a whopping 16 joint-cheapest items.

Morrisons climbed one place to third, trumping Sainsbury's by 27p. Despite making three reductions, it was not cheapest on any items.

Sainsbury's fell one place to fourth with a £48.07 basket that offered none of the cheapest items.

Surprisingly, Waitrose offered four of the cheapest items this week, including Cadbury Dairy Milk at £1.34, Douwe Egberts coffee at £1.99, Fairy washing up liquid at 98p and a loose red pepper at 75p. It still came in fifth, however, with a basket costing £56.88 a massive £11.59 more than Asda's.

Corrections: in our 13 February issue we priced Morrisons garlic baguette at 32p the correct price was 29p. And in our 20 February issue we said Morrisons' chicken legs were out of stock in fact they were not stocked.