After three weeks of missing out on the top spot, Tesco came through with a winning basket this week (£43.75).

Its Innocent smoothie and Jordan's Country Crisp (both £2) were the cheapest, as was its naan bread (55p). Tesco didn't offer the most cheapest items this week (6), but continued to have the most items on promotion (11).

A difference of 56p pushed Asda into second place, even though the retailer had the most cheapest items (9); these included Breakaway bars (92p), WeightWatchers chicken curry (97p), and Ardennes pâté (64p).

Morrisons made six price reductions this week, taking 50p off the cashews and 7p off the peppers, making both the cheapest at £1.49 and £1.59 respectively. But it also added 49p to the naan bread, which went on bogof.

Sainsbury's remained fourth for the fifth week running. The retailer offered none of the cheapest items and had the fewest items on promotion.

Waitrose had three cheapest items Guinness (£4.05), Nurofen (£1.67) and Lemons (20p), all of which were on promotion. However, it was still the most expensive retailer this week, with a basket totalling £52.69 nearly £9 more than Tesco's.