Asda has proved itself the destination of choice for Christmas shoppers this week, offering the cheapest basket of festive goods that included alcohol, food, crackers and cards, and booting last year's winner Morrisons out of top place.

The retailer undercut second-placed Tesco by £3.22 and offered 26 of the cheapest or joint-cheapest items, including the whole frozen turkey at £13, Nestlé Quality Street at £3 and the Christmas pudding and Mr Kipling mince pies at £1.

Tesco crept a place up the rankings to second this year, with the help of its bargain booze. At £13.98, its Champagne undercut its rivals', as did its Famous Grouse, at £10.

It was a disappointing result for last year's winner Morrisons, which nosedived to third with a basket that cost £5.43 more than Asda's. Its After Eight mints were the most expensive at £2.99, but it offered the cheapest box of Christmas cards at £1.

Sainsbury's remained in fourth place. Its Christmas crackers cost 99p more than its rivals' and it also offered the most expensive Brazil nuts at £2.62/300g.

Waitrose's basket cost a whopping £30 more than Asda's. It offered the priciest whole frozen turkey at £22, Famous Grouse at £12.10 and Champagne at £18.99.