British asparagus is set for a record-breaking season lasting beyond 21 June - the date that cutting traditionally finishes.

Some growers plan to harvest spears for longer because a new root analysis system called Aspire gives them an insight into the potential yield.

In the past, they stopped cutting earlier, to avoid exhausting the plant for next season.

Aspire was developed in New Zealand, and has been trialled at 12 UK farms. It allows growers to predict yield and longevity by measuring energy levels in an asparagus plant's crown.

The more carbohydrate in the crown, the longer the potential production, said Dr Kim Green of ADAS.

The system was shown to growers last week and is being rolled out via the Internet. It is being run by Hargreaves Plants, which owns the rights. Jaimie Petchell, product manager said: "The meeting represented about 50% of total UK production, which was very encouraging."