Guinness would have you believe it was a pint of the black stuff before kick-off that inspired Ireland to its battling win over Australia at the rugby World Cup.

There’s a warlike theme to its latest epic as Celtic ruffians daubed in mud as dark as a Guinness drinker’s urinary tract scrum for position in a hilltop bout of flag-planting. It’s like Gladiator minus the gore as the voiceover bloke from the classic ‘Surfers’ ad solemnly intones that “one nation will rise; one will be made of more”.

In fact, it’s not just the ball that’s missing. Though watchable enough the first time around, the gloomy aesthetic and deeply portentous tone mean this lacks the fun of the most memorable Guinness ads.

Still, it’s refreshing in these days of elderflower RTDs and triple-distilled Belgian ciders that at least one drinks brand is still selling itself through ­chest-beating violence.