Premium Belgian chocolate manufacturer Guylian is pitching itself against brands such as Cadbury and Galaxy with its first entry into the 200g bar category.
The company, best known for its Sea Shells boxed chocolates, is launching three sharing bars in established variants - milk chocolate, milk chocolate & nut and milk chocolate, raisin & nut - in a bid to move into the burgeoning ‘big night in’ arena.
Mid-sized variants of the bars will also be available in May, targeted at impulse
Kevin Toms, MD, said the bars would open up a new market for its products, but added that they would be targeted at the premium end of the category, in line with its other products.
“Not only is this size popular with consumers for sharing occasions, the packaging and volume of nuts in the bars will appeal to connoisseurs,” he said.
The bars will compete with mainstream chocolate countlines, such as Cadbury Dairy Milk, Whole Nut and Fruit & Nut, as well as Masterfoods’ Galaxy Promises brand, which was launched last year to bridge the gap between luxury and sharing chocolate. Promises is currently being advertised on TV.
Guylian’s attempts to give its chocolate more mainstream appeal have not always been successful. It launched a low-carb chocolate bar in October 2004 but withdrew it after less than a year on the shelves.
The new bars have listings in Tesco and Woolworths with an rsp of £1.79.
Stefan Chomka