Halewood International is introducing five new exotic tipples to the UK spirits market to further strengthen its position in the spirits category.

The newcomers comprise Don Cruzado Tequila (rsp: £10.99), which is imported from Mexico and available now, and Di Cassini Sambuca (rsp: £11.99), Ponticelli (rsp: £5.99), Kokomo (rsp: 5.99) and Peach Amore (rsp: £4.99), which all roll out next month .

The drinks group said Di Cassini would cash in on the growing enthusiasm for sambuca and would line up alongside Ponticelli, a 22% abv sambuca-style spirit that was designed to be mixed with a soft drink to offer consumers a lighter alternative to authentic sambucas.

Peach Amore, a peach-flavoured schnapps-style drink, would target the summer cocktail season, it added, while Kokomo, a blended coconut flavoured alcoholic drink, would be pitched as a low-cost alternative to Malibu.

Nigel Tarn, senior brand manager for beers, cider and spirits, said the launches were priced at "credit crunch" value and would tap into the trend for recreating the 'eating out' restaurant experience at home.

"Over the past 12 months, Halewood International has been firmly focused on innovation in spirits," said Tarn. "The growth in the spirits market has come at a time when we're looking to enhance our portfolio."