Halewood International is relaunching its British wine brand Botany Creek to capitalise on the growth of the budget category.

The revamped range, which sees a new 7.5% abv red wine join Botany Creek's white and rosé lines (rsp: £2.99/75cl), launches into stores over the next few weeks.

British wine is made from imported grape juice rather than home-grown grapes, but is fermented and bottled in Britain, which means it has been shielded from currency fluctuations more than traditional imported wines.

Value sales of British wine have grown 52% by value year-on-year to £27.5m, while volume is up 37% to 850,000 cases [Nielsen 52w/e 3 September 2011].

Halewood director of innovation Richard Clark said consumers were increasingly looking for lower price points, lower abvs and lighter tastes.