Kerrygold Spreadable Butter is to be re-branded as Kerrygold Softer Butter in a bid to distinguish it from other spreads.
The move follows a survey which revealed that 58% of shoppers didn’t realise that vegetable oil was a key ingredient in nearly all branded spreadable butters.
The Kerrygold product, launched in 1999, contains only butter but is double churned to reduce the size of the fat crystals, making it smoother.
Marketing director Brendan Doyle said Kerrygold hoped to create a new segment within yellow fats by persuading
retailers to merchandise Softer Butter away from spreadable blends of butter and oil.
“We are targeting consumers who enjoy the real taste of 100% butter with the added convenience of softness.”
Kerrygold Softer Butter will be supported by a national TV campaign and in-store activity from early March.
Doyle added: “The ad will be endorsing the brand values and its 100% pure butter positioning.