A range of hot, healthy, single-serve ethnic snacks has been launched under the Phun Chow and Bombay Tukka brands.
Unlike most other such convenience products, the noodles and curries have no added salt, flavourings and colourings. All sauces are made from scratch, the chicken is marinated for hours before cooking, and only fresh vegetables and herbs are used.
The 250ml pots are sold in the chiller cabinets and can be reheated in the microwave (rsp: £2.25-£2.45).
The company said it was trying to build Phun Chow into an ethnic brand with no “bizarre e-numbers and emulsifiers”, found in many other chillled convenience products.
Founder Alec Cousins at the OI Food Group said: “We don’t always have time or access to ingredients to make ourselves a delicious hot snack but then we don’t always want another ready meal or sandwich. Phun Chow and Bombay Tukka provide that bridge between the two.”
Launch recipes include Thai red curry (marinated chicken breast in a red curry sauce with stir-fried vegetables and egg noodles), and Vietnamese sweet and sour (crunchy vegetables and marinated chicken breast in a sweet and sour sauce with egg noodles).
The company will also be launching a range of Chinese Dim Sum with dipping sauces in prepacked trays.
Helen Gregory