British Summer Fruits' PR campaign will benefit from a £418,000 budget for its next promotion.

Covering winter 2006 and summer 2007, one of the highlights will be a new celebrity face to act as a berry ambassador - Kirsty McLeod, a beauty therapist and facialist. There will also be extensive sampling and Valentine's Day activity.

Web site will highlight how to avoid winter colds and flu with berries, and offer a cocktail recipe.

In the three years since promotional activity by Winter Berries and British Summer Fruits began, turnover for all berries in supermarkets in the summer has risen from £100m in 2003 to £250m in 2006.

Last winter, sales of strawberries and raspberries rose 26% and blueberries and blackberries 54%.

Previous campaigns have focused on health and beauty tied into seasonal 'hooks', images of model Sophie Anderton, and a link to World Cancer Research.