Post-Christmas healthy living is to the fore in the multiples with an array of low fat brands and healthy eating lines featuring heavily on space displays, with Kellogg’s Special K, McVitie’s Go ahead! and Weight Watchers the most prominent.
Nestlé has recorded activity across five different categories: biscuits/cakes; confectionery; dairy; grocery, and frozen, making it the most active brand overall.
Nevertheless, alcohol continues to have a plethora of prominent displays although no one brand dominates this category. This may indicate excess festive stock.
While not making the Top 10, other brands in line with the healthy living theme include Danone’s Actimel and Müller Vitality and Light. Both brands were active across four of the five major multiples retailers.
Health, beauty and baby begins the year vigorously. Johnson & Johnson leads with a large range of offers. Macleans and VO5 are also prominent.
Mr Muscle and Persil feature heavily in two retailers.