Weight fat overweight calorie reduction

Nutrition is a complex topic. Even experts admit the latest evidence on fat is confusing, so it’s hardly surprising a new survey for The Grocer shows consumers are too. Although two-thirds are convinced fat and sugar are equally maleficent to our health, only a tiny fraction knew the recommended intake for either nutrient.

The confusion won’t be assuaged by a gimmicky smartphone app, either. If the government is serious about preventative measures to ward off obesity (and a £5m investment to market PHE’s app suggests it is) it should focus on a more clear-cut solution: calories.

Counting calories might sound old school, but it’s the only reliable way to maintain a healthy weight, and - unlike nutrients - it’s simple enough for consumers to grasp. Our results show nearly half are already aware of the recommended daily intake. Educating the remainder would be a far simpler job than tackling nutrients. Clearer on-pack labelling, displaying calories per product (rather than per 100g), would be the perfect place to start.