Butt bins could alight in towns all over the UK following a successful test in Middlewich, Cheshire, which has exceeded expectations.

Thirty-two wall-mounted cigarette bins were installed across 16 venues in February for less than £5,000 as part of Stop the Drop, a joint campaign from the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE), cigarette company JTI and the Middlewich Clean Team – a voluntary group of more than 200 residents in the market town.

Cigarette litter fell 60% just one month after installation, increasing to 71% after six months, according to Keep Britain Tidy which monitored performance.

Stephen Dent, vice-chairman of the Middlewich Clean Team, said the result was much better than anticipated and lighted the way for similar project up and down the UK.

Tom Hirons, corporate affairs manager, at JTI UK, said: “A litter-free environment is of benefit to everyone, smokers included, and JTI is committed to taking the lead in effective anti-litter campaigns and programmes to raise awareness and offer solutions to help avoid cigarette butt litter.”

Samantha Harding, Stop the Drop campaign manager at the Campaign to Protect Rural England, said the success of the bins was “inspiring”.