A shock documentary billed as the ‘Super Size Me of Sugar’ is set to air in the UK this summer after becoming one of Australia’s biggest grossing documentaries.

‘That Sugar Film’ stars actor/director Damon Gameau, who spends the movie testing the effects of a 60-day high-sugar diet on his body.

The movie took more than $1m in the first six weeks after its release in April and has been picked up by Samuel Goldwyn Films, which handled Morgan Spurlock’s Super Size Me film, ahead of a release in America.

Three years ago, Gameau went on a diet to cut out refined sugar. In the film he switches to ‘healthy’ foods, including cereals, smoothies, muesli bars and low-fat yoghurt. But after his experiment in the film, he shows signs of fatty liver disease, has a major increase in body fat and suffers violent mood swings.

“Not even Daniel Day-Lewis could act fatty liver disease,” Gameau said. The film will be released in the US in July and in the UK in August/September.

“The film makers are obviously looking to have create the same sort of shock effect as Super Size Me,” said one industry source. “What is important is that consumers have a healthy balanced diet, not based on an extreme experiments. There is no evidence that following that advice does any harm whatsoever.”