Natural men’s skincare brand Bulldog is bringing its first deodorant to the market.

The roll-on Bulldog Original Deodorant (rsp: £4.99/50ml) will roll out exclusively on the company’s website this month before seeking wider distribution in the mainstream retailers in the next few months.

Bulldog said the new roll-on used powerful natural ingredients that would deliver all-day protection against underarm odour.

It uses the company’s signature blend of eight essential oils including patchouli, lemon and bergamot and also contains an aloe vera extract to help hydrate skin. It is free from irritants such as parabens, sodium laureth sulfate and aluminum and claims to be the only male skincare brand approved as cruelty-free by British animal protection and advocacy group BUAV.

“We’re using eight amazing essential oils rather than cheap artificial fragrances,” said Simon Duffy, who founded the business with Rhodri Ferrier in 2006. “Our natural formulations mean we’re not using controversial ingredients that many men are looking to avoid.

“Our product may be at a premium to others, but there is definitely a demand for it from the discerning shopper.”

This year, Bulldog, which is also sold in the US, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria and Japan, extended its international presence with the launch of five products in Australia. The company, which won The Grocer’s Exporter of the Year award, will launch into New Zealand this month.