Seafood continues to power ahead as a star performer in grocery, with the latest TNS Worldpanel data showing 6.8% growth to £1.233bn.

The figures also reveal a continuing dramatic shift in the market away from frozen lines and into chilled, convenience and added value lines that are perceived as healthier.

While battered and breaded products are down 10.5% and 6.6% to £5.9m and £85.4m respectively, added value lines have leapt 6.7% to £262m, natural products are up 8.8% to £493m, shellfish has risen 13.2% to £170m, and smoked is up 4.6% to £219m [52 w/e October 6 2006].

Young's Seafood said recent price rises for groundfish driven by the soaring cost of oil should be taken into account.

Young's added that a report by Glitnir Research forecasting Chinese seafood consumption would rise 40% by 2020 would inevitably have an impact on world seafood prices and supply in the long term.