Sainsbury is to distribute free fruit to schools in Birmingham and London as it trials new healthy eating initiatives. Its two new promotions, free fruit in schools and Fruitastic' tours, are aimed at changing the eating habits of children from seven to 11. From September, 40 schools will receive a free ration of fruit for one week each term to be used as part of lessons and for the children to snack on. The supermarket is also opening up its stores to schools nationwide from the autumn term. Fruitastic tours will communicate the benefits of eating five portions of fruit and veg a day and allow children to sample fruit they have not tried. Sainsbury has already been involved in free fruit for schools and Fruitastic tour projects in Glasgow and Wales. Some 77% of children surveyed after the Glasgow trial said they intended to eat more fruit and veg in future. Sainsbury dietician Kate Arthur said: "Our involvement in the scheme in Glasgow has proven both the Fruitastic tours and the free fruit in schools initiatives can communicate in a fun way the importance of eating fruit and veg and the key role it plays in maintaining a healthy diet." {{NEWS }}