Sauce and beans fans can get two brands in one with a limited edition combo.

Heinz has come up with Baked Beanz with HP Sauce, following on from its limited edition Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce Baked Beanz variety last year.

"Our research has shown that where beans are eaten with a cooked breakfast, 78% of those meals feature HP Sauce," said Nathan Ansell, senior brand manager. "So we have brought the two together to let consumers enjoy the taste of Heinz Baked Beanz and HP Sauce by opening a can."

Heinz hopes the tie-up will attract new buyers to the beans category and drive increased usage of HP through consumer association of the sauce with baked beans. Ansell added that the launch marks the start of a five-year plan to rejuvenate the baked beans category.

Heinz had been falling behind rival Branston in terms of baked bean innovation; Branston has launched 'Branstein' Baked Beans with added Omega-3 and Branston Bloomin Big Baked Beans this year.