Heinz Mayo is to be revamped to better align the brand across both retail and foodservice sectors, and to flag up the fact all recipes will now be made with free-range eggs.

New packaging for Heinz Mayo will see it relaunched as Heinz Mayonnaise in the retail sector. This will create a better fit with Heinz Foodservice where the brand is already called Heinz Mayonnaise.

The new label will also include the '57 varieties' message and highlight the fact free-range eggs are used in all Heinz mayonnaise recipes from this month. "Currently Heinz Mayonnaise is branded differently for foodservice and retail, which can lead consumers struggling to connect the two brands," said senior brand manager Nicky Cummerfield.

The redesign will be on all consumer packs by the end of the summer. It will be supported by an on-pack promotion, coupons, samples and in-store activities.