Sir; I happened to come across two references to Heinz in the 22 July edition of The Grocer. First, the manu­facturer announced sales up 6% ('Heinz sales up 6%', p9). Frankly, all I can say is, they're not with me - and I might add that the UK was noticeable by its absence from Heinz's list of its best-performing markets across the globe.

Second, I noticed a reference to yet another increase to the price of beans ('HP baked beans back on shelf with less salt', p58).

Does Heinz think that its UK sales are going to be fixed by constantly taking prices up? This is the fourth increase on beans in as many years, as far as I can recall.

Admittedly, I speak as a small independent retailer with little say on this issue, but on this occasion I hope that the big four supermarkets do join together to challenge these assertions.