Heinz is aiming to turn the barbecue sauce sector on its head by putting its products into a ‘top down’ bottle format.
On shelf next week, with an rsp of £1.59, Original and Hot ‘n’ Sizzling BBQ sauces will come in the 570g upside down bottles pioneered by Heinz Tomato Ketchup last year.
Jane Scott, Heinz’s marketing manager for sauces, said the launch was aimed at “capitalising on the popularity of the format”.
She explained: “The valve gives [consumers] better control when they squeeze and the sauce stops flowing when they stop squeezing.
“The valve also eliminates the mess of excess sauce that sometimes gathers in the cap. This makes the whole experience more enjoyable for the consumer.”
The company estimates that half of all UK households own a barbecue, with these creating up to 72 million barbecue occasions in a year.
“There is a clear opportunity for Heinz to leverage its category leadership in sauces throughout the 2004 season,” said Scott.