Heinz is claiming to be the first manufacturer to introduce Omega-3 into ambient grocery by adding it to its canned pasta shapes range.

From the end of this month, products, including Spaghetti Hoops and Alphabetti Spaghetti, will contain the essential fatty acids to further encourage parents to shop the category for their children. The move follows Heinz's introduction of multigrain to its canned pasta recipes in July.

Also, three mini meals for children are being launched in Vegetable Ravioli, Pasta Spirals and Baked Beanz & Mini Sausages varieties, all of which will also contain Omega-3, to cater for older children who have bigger appetites.

"This move will drive growth within the pasta market, because more mums are looking for easier ways to introduce essential nutrients into their children's diets," said senior brand manager for pasta meals Nathan Ansell.