More things should come in pouches. They are uniquely tactile, make ideal projectiles in food fights and have potential aplenty for faking your own death using nothing but a firecracker and a splatter-patter of minestrone innards on the basement wall.

There’s trickery afoot in Heinz’s new kitchen Fantasia, a stop-motion gem for Pasta Pouches with more charm than a whole battery of mewling lolcatz.

There are strong echoes here of Mickey Mouse and his dance of the brooms in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. But this waltzing troupe of kitchen utensils has none of the phantasmagorical menace of Disney’s oddly disturbing Dukas-scored dreamscape.

In the week Heinz copped a lot of bother for bowing to the salt-fascists and reformulating HP Sauce, this winning interlude shows the Beanz king still has plenty of tricks up its billowing wizard’s sleeve.