Asda’s store in Creechbarrow Road, Taunton provided this week’s cheapest full basket at £37.89.
The staff were all helpful, including one employee who volunteered his assistance to reach a bottle of Diet Coke from the top shelf. However, our shopper did not feel that there were sufficient checkouts open to cope, and most aisles had a member of staff filling up shelves.
This week’s Storewatch title went to Tesco Extra, Steley Way, Prescot. The store provided a full basket for £38.00 and our shopper had a hassle-free experience whilst shopping.
Staff were quick to notice that the store was getting busy and opened more checkouts to cope with demand.
Morrisons at Preston Grange in Tynemouth provided a full basket for £38.42, although Morrisons in Netherfield missed out on a full basket due to an out-of-stock on Bounty kitchen towels.
Our shopper noticed several price cuts in Safeway, Ty Glas Road, Cardiff and the store also provided a full basket.
An out-of-stock on large free range eggs saw Somerfield in Slough provide 32 items for £44.97.
Neither Sainsbury store this week produced a full basket. The store in Shamrock Street, Kirkintilloch did not have own label garden peas, while in Strand Road, Londonderry, there were out-of-stocks on Kit Kat 2-finger nine packs and fresh lean beef steak mince.