Independent pie manufacturer Higgidy is piggybacking on the renewed popularity of handmade pies with its first branded range.

Two pies - a 330g British beef, Stilton & ale and a 300g free range pork sausage & mash - are launching into Booths this month priced at £3.49 each.

Butternut squash, spinach & Feta and chicken, mushroom & tarragon products are being launched in the next few months.

Higgidy already supplies Booths and sandwich chain Eat with a range of own label pies, but co-founder Camilla Stephens said the time was right to launch a brand. "Our retail customers have reaped the benefits of our product and we wanted a slice of the action," she said.

"The pie category lacks a high quality leader. You have good, better and best products, but there is also a tier above that - and we want a product with that presence."

Packaging was created by design consultancy Ziggurat Brands and Higgidy is in talks with two major retailers for listings.