Salt levels in blue cheese will be scrutinised next month at a meeting between industry representatives and the FSA.

Trials over the past ten months to cut salt levels have led to attempts to reduce the natural variation within blue cheeses. A salt content of 2.25% has been suggested as a target, but there are blue cheeses with less than 1% salt and above 4%, such as Roquefort.

"If the average salt content was dropped, a significant quantity would be unsaleable because salt levels would be too low. It would also have poor flavour, poor blueing and, in extreme cases, be unsafe by failing to inhibit the growth of pathogens," said Nigel White, secretary of the Stilton Cheese Makers Association.

"There is no pressure to come up with a solution at present. I don't think the FSA has plans to force changes through that would damage quality or traditional values. We all buy into getting rid of unnecessary salt content in food."