It looks as if the clock is going back in the bacon fixture ­ there are promotional supermarket prices which have not been seen for years, all in a bid to drum up some volume. One major multiple has called in the west country Vikings to a gondola end, with change out of £2 for 400g of back bacon from Roach. With economy back bacon running at £3.99/kg, it is a very long time these price levels were last seen. Half price British gammon joints are also being promoted at less than £2/kg. But gammon is not as "old fashioned" as the Danes would like us to believe. Go round to the ham fixture and 140g of sliced boiled gammon ­ with a sachet of Colman's mustard ­ can be yours for £2.25. Cooked sliced meat prepacks are a burgeoning sector and are not underestimated by retail buyers. The demand is as strong as ever for ready to eat products ­ and weaker for joints. {{PROVISIONS }}