Product: Corner Squeezers

Company: Müller

Launch date: September 2002

Müller launched a hand-held Squeezers version of its market leading yogurt brand Corners in September 2002, hoping the innovative packaging would draw in teenagers and older children.

Available in two flavours - peach and strawberry - the Squeezers packs consist of separate portions of sauce and yogurt. Consumers fold the tubes together to mix the two tastes and textures.

Managing director Ken Wood said the product had achieved a 9% share of the handheld yogurt and fromage frais market and a "pleasing" distribution rate of 75%, but he admitted annual sales were below target.

Information Resources puts the product’s volume share in the yogurt and dairy dessert sector at only 0.2%, with sales totalling £3.2m in the year ending September 6, 2003.

Richard Boulton, dairy category buyer for Somerfield described Squeezers as “an excellent addition to the range”, primarily because of its lunchbox and hand-held, eating-on-the-move appeal.

However, he added that its average wastage of 15% of sales put the product “on the borderline of being withdrawn”, with only the strength of its Müller branding keeping it on its shelves.

Wood refused to comment on the future of the snack although he said the company had identified a number of areas for potential growth, such as additional flavours.