Capespan’s premium muesli range, launched in January 2003, brought some big fruit brand names to the cereals fixture for the first time.
It has got off to a reasonable start with listings in Tesco, Somerfield, Macro and Costco, and had captured a 0.05% share of the £1bn ready-to-eat cereal market by the start of November last year according to Information Resources.
The Cape Orchard Fruit mix with apples and plums, Fyffes Tropical Fruit banana and nut combination and orange Outspan Exotic Fruit variety all boast a 50% fruit content.
The products’ Tetra Rex gable top cartons have also done much to draw consumers’ attention. They need no inner bag, so the cereal can’t fall into a gap between bag and box - a frequent consumer complaint, according to brand manager Reg Sahota.
Buyers have also reacted favourably overall. One said: “Aesthetically, the range is going in the right direction and the unique design makes it stand out on the shelf.”
However, she questioned whether that would be enough to get consumers to trade up to the premium price of £2.49 for a 750g carton.
The most popular variant so far is Cape Orchard, followed by Outspan, with the Fyffes option bringing up the rear.
New packaging with redesigned graphics is set to hit shelves in the next few weeks and a fourth flavour is planned, along with smaller pack sizes in the spring.n Product:
Capespan muesli
Capespan Group
n Launch date: January 2003