>> How is one of last year's top launches faring?

Nestlé’s Nesquik Fresh, launched in July 2003, signalled the brand’s first foray into fridges.
And the milk drink got off to a good start with listings in Tesco, Sainsbury, Asda, Morrisons, Safeway and Somerfield. It has captured a 2.9% share of the total fresh flavoured milk market, a proportion that translates to £233,000 sales by value (ACNielsen Scantrack and Homescan, four weeks to May 15, 2004).
According to Nestlé, the newcomer has achieved sales of £1.6m in the 44 weeks from launch, which it said it was delighted with. However, the figure fails to come near the £20m incremental first year sales Nestlé predicted for the drink (The Grocer, July 5 2003, p52).
In a bid to boost sales, this summer Nesquik Fresh is working in partnership with the launch of Shrek 2. There will be an on-pack instant win promotion and a nationwide sampling tour to further drive awareness and trial of the product.
Buyers have reacted favourably to the drink. Mike Boardman, category manager for Somerfield, said: “It’s a good product with real kids appeal at a reasonable price point.
“It has lived up to expectations and, with the new Shrek licence coming up, I think there will be even more pester power, which will be in the product’s favour.”
Produced under licence by Milk Link, Nesquik Fresh was launched in strawberry and chocolate flavours to appeal to mums and in February this year a banana flavour was added.