Spirits importer Marblehead is adding a honey vodka liqueur to its Polish vodka portfolio.

Krupnik vodka is made to a 13th-century recipe of vodka flavoured with wild honey, native Polish spices, cinnamon and nutmeg.

It is traditionally enjoyed throughout the winter months in Poland, when it is served hot from a punch bowl at parties where it is set alight to "fuse the flavours together".

However, the company is hoping to play up the vodka's versatility in the UK and is also pushing Krupnik as a cocktail base or as a neat drink with or without ice.

"This is a warming vodka liqueur that we hope is set to become an essential part of any cocktail lovers' toolkit," said sales and marketing manager Paul Mason.

The company also ­imports the trendy Polish v­odka Zubrowka, which ­is ­flavoured with bison grass.