A British company has set out to revolutionise the hot drinks market with a range of fruit-flavoured coffees.

London-based Ino has created three instant coffees in single-serve sticks that combine organic fruit juice and flavours with a blend of coffee beans.

Available in apple, pineapple and strawberry variants, the coffees were 100% natural, free from artificial flavourings, sugar and fat, and contain 9.5 calories in a 180ml serving.

The company would be hoping to tap the growth of other fruity hot drinks, which have seen sales soar. Fruit and herbal teas have risen 9.1% by value to £59m and 9.6% by volume over the past 12 months [Kantar Worldpanel 52 w/e 13 May 2012].

Ino coffees could be made with or without milk and sugar, and had a smooth and refreshing taste that did not leave lingering coffee breath, claimed the company.

UK consumers wanted more variety and the quality of shop-bought coffee in the comfort of their own home or on the go, said Ali Ataei, co-founder and CEO of Ino.

“Ino is a deliverance from bland-tasting coffee,” he added.

The coffee sticks were available in single-flavour or variety packs of three (99p), nine (£2.99) or 15 (rsp: £4.49) through the company’s website.

The brand is looking to roll the products out more widely to major supermarkets and other retailers later this year.

Ino will be supported by social media, sampling in shopping centres and public venues across the UK as well as a pop-up café, Ataei added.