Cranks taking on the big boys

Cranks is squaring up to the big boys by adding cover salads, juices, smoothies and ‘thickies’ to its portfolio.

The vegetarian sandwich company said the wider range of products would create a one-stop shop for lunchtime snacks and satisfy what it said was a growing demand for ‘grab and go’ options.

The products are manufactured under licence by Brambles Foods and Cranks is in talks with the major retailers over listings.

Skinny type of speciality coffees

Douwe Egberts is taking on Nescafé in the speciality coffee sector by bringing out the first low-calorie version of instant cappuccino, latte and mocha sold under a Skinny label.

Skinny Cappuccino, Latte and Mocha come in 200g bags with an rsp of £1.99 and have an average of 37 cals for Mocha and 35 cals for Cappuccino and Latte.

The range will benefit from a £3m advertising campaign for Douwe Egberts over the next 12 months, which is likely to include TV ads.

Smarties goes big on fruit shells

Nestlé Rowntree is adding a new giant fruit-flavoured line to its Smarties brand.

Smarties Big Flavas are hitting the market following consumer demand for more flavours.

For the first time, a green Smartie will taste of lime, a pink one of strawberry and a yellow one of banana in the giant range.