Galaxy makes promises of luxury

Galaxy has developed a new luxury chocolate bar which it said would open up a new sector in the everyday block chocolate category.

Called Promises, the milk and dark chocolate bars come in four flavours - Roast Hazelnut, Caramel Crunch, Cocoa Crisp and Rich Coffee.

The bars, which will be launched in August, will be supported by a £4m campaign, including TV ads and sampling.

Haribo goes sour with strawbs

Haribo Dunhills is throwing its weight behind its confectionery line Strawbs with the launch of Sour Strawbs.

The product, which contains real strawberry juice, fits the consumer trend for intense flavours, said Haribo.

The market leader in gums and jellies is also adding a sour Brixx to its 4p sweets range.

dunhill modernises its appeal

Premium cigarette brand Dunhill has been given a more modern image to better appeal to 20 to 35-year-old smokers.

The tobacco blend has been updated with the addition of flue-cured Burley and Oriental tobacco to the company’s original 1907 blend. Dunhill claims that this has given the brand a “smoother, more flavoursome” taste.