Mini moo milk drinks for children
Milk Link Beverages is adding two new variants to its long-life milk brand Moo - Mini Moo cartons for kids and Moo Organic.

Mini Moo, aimed at kids aged five to 12 years, consists of semi-skimmed long-life milk - available in plain and in three sugar-free flavours - in 200ml prisma cartons, priced at 89p each.

Moo Organic will be priced at 84p per litre. Both of the newcomers are due to hit shelves this month.

Pepsi pushes ting into multiples
Pepsi Americas is going head-to-head with Coca-Cola’s Lilt by launching a soft drink called Ting into the multiples.

Produced by Cott in the UK, Ting is made to a 100% Jamaican recipe using only water, sugar and Jamaican grapefruit juice.

Ting has previously been sold in selected ethnic stores, but it will be launched nationwide in Tesco and selected Morrisons and Asda stores in London this month.

Princes offers tuna salad lunches
Princes is making an entry into the ready-to-eat lunchtime market with a range of tuna salads.

The salads come in 240g foil-sealed plastic pots (rsp: £1.78) in five varieties. They have so far won listings with Tesco, Asda and Somerfield from this month.

The company has also launched a canned tuna-mayonnaise-and-sweetcorn product that can be used as a sandwich or potato filler (rsp: 99p).