Ginsters heads for dinner table
Ginsters is heading for the dinner table with the launch of three individual deep-filled pies. Available in steak, roast chicken and steak & mushroom in 250g portions (rsp: £2.29), the chilled shortcrust pastry pies can be eaten cold, but have been created primarily for hot consumption. The pies were launched into 350 Sainsbury stores last week with a nationwide launch into Tesco, Morrisons and Somerfield due on September 14.

Tilda mixes it up with tasty rice
Tilda is launching a new rice, a blend of 40% brown and 60% white basmati, to cater for consumers who like the healthy qualities of brown rice but don’t like the taste. Although brown rice takes longer to cook than white, Tilda White & Brown Basmati is ready in 20 minutes. The newcomer is being sold in 500g resealable blockpacks with an rsp of £1.69.

Trials of French wine brand in UK
US producer Ernest & Julio Gallo has launched its own French wine brand into the UK called Red Bicyclette. The newcomer, introduced to the US in September 2004, is now being trialled in the UK in response to what E&J Gallo believes is consumer demand for an approachable and contemporary French wine. The range is available from The Thresher Group as part of its three-for-two promotion across all wines (rsp: £7.99 each).